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INSPReuters_China's internet addicts11
Photo essay: China’s internet addicts

As growing numbers of young people spend more and more time online, parents in China have become worried that their children may be addicted to the internet. In our photo essay this week we look at the Qide Education Centre, a military-style boot cam...

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Unknown soldiersBI UK_Unknown soldiers

In 2009, while digging foundations for a sewage treatment plant in France, a workman struck a skull with the blade of his excavator. The remains of fifteen British soldiers from the First World War were unearthed over the nex...

Songs of the streetReal Change_Songs of the street3

Every spring since 2007, the American city of Seattle in Washington has hired buskers to play in some of the city’s most crime-ridden downtown parks in a bid to make these places safer and livelier. The buskers don’t make muc...

Tampering with science - responses to Canada’s overdose crisisMegaphone_Tampering with science - responses to Canada’s overdose crisis

In Vancouver’s downtown Eastside drug overdose deaths have decreased as a result of substitute drug programs, training addicts in the use of life-saving drugs that can reverse overdoses, and legal supervised injection sites. ...

Who is dying in Afghanistan from US drone strikes?INSP_Killer robots

Afghanistan is the most heavily drone-bombed country in the world as more than 1000 strikes have hit the nation during the past 13 years. Yet there is no public record of when and where these strikes took place, or who they k...

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