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SCN_Refugee camp Kurdistan 1
Tales from a Syrian refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Bardarash Refugee Camp is home to more than 11,000 internally displaced people in Iraqi Kurdistan, northeast of Mosul. It has now closed its doors to newcomers. Freelance journalist Taylor Smith meets one family.Twin

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Chester Williams chats about highlights of his career playing for South Africa and winning the 1995 Rugby World Cup for his country. He talks about the “small, skinny” boy who once played for the bottom team, he simple begin was at Nettikasino

The Right To Exist: The most fundamental right that you’ve never hadReuters_Los Angeles' Skid Row

When Bud Stratford became homeless, he had people to turn to. His father let him set up a tiny makeshift home in the parking lot of the family business, where Bud worked. But he quickly realized others weren’t so lucky. His e...

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More than 1.2 million refugees have poured into Europe in the past year, though few have entered Spain, due in part to its economic crisis. Reuters meets one of those who ended up in Seville. Howard Jackson is a well-known co...

Amputee football on the rise in Europe with Paralympics the ultimate goalUK_Amputee football 4

Amputee football may not be the most recognisable of disability sports, but the fast-paced and competitive game is slowly growing in popularity. INSP meets the amputee football players, coaches and advocates working to promote Deutsches Online Casino