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About SNS

The Street News Service (SNS) is an innovative online news agency that brings together the best of street paper journalism from around the world. INSP also works with media partners Reuters and Inter Press Service (IPS) who support the Street News Service by providing supplemental news, features and photographs.

The SNS is the independent news agency of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) and a cornerstone of their work to foster a strong and united street paper movement. It provides a web-based forum for the world's street papers to exchange editorial content and photographs, enabling their development and capacity building. The SNS is particularly crucial for street papers in the developing world, which often operate in isolation and with scant resources.

The SNS also aims to inform and educate public opinion surrounding issues of social and economic justice and advocates for the needs and the rights of people living in poverty. It promotes the diversity and flow of under-represented voices, independent perspectives and substantive social journalism distinctive to the international street paper movement to use the power of the social press to bring about long-term social transformation.