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What is a street paper?

Street papers exist to tackle homelessness and poverty. Vendors buy their street paper or magazine at 50% of the cover price and sell them on at a profit to generate an income.

Street papers are also distinctive and quality independent media. With a global readership of over 6 million per edition they challenge public perceptions of poverty and social injustice in towns and cities around the world.

In addition to employment, many street papers offer their vendors on-going support and access to practical training resources and social services.


Why are they needed?

Sustainable urbanisation is one of the most pressing challenges facing us in the 21st century. Due to the economic crisis there are increasing numbers of people around the world who are homeless and unemployed. At the same time, there is an urgent need for media freedom and pluralism to counter government restrictions and monopoly tendencies.

Street papers address these needs by providing innovative solutions to unemployment and poverty, whilst also addressing the need for independent media. They provide employment and training to people in poverty, whilst their unique distribution channel puts a human face on homelessness and builds relationships across social boundaries.

INSP street papers deliver a diverse range of thoughtful and bold social reporting to over 6 million people per edition. They are even bucking the overall slump in worldwide print sales with a collective 10 per cent rise in circulation since 2009.

This is a concept that works.

Visit the INSP website for a full list of INSP street papers from around the world.

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