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Shedia_Vendor spotlight Panayiotis Triantafillidis
Vendor spotlight: Panayiotis Triantafillidis, Shedia – Athens, Greece

Panayiotis Triantafillidis, 35, is a Greek gypsy whose life has been transformed by selling Shedia in Athens. In this heart-warming account, he explains that it was only after he learned to read that he realized what Shedia was. Now he can’t stop rea...

Vendor spotlight: Oscar and Horacio (Mi Valedor, Mexico City)Mi Valedor_Oscar

Mexico’s first street paper, Mi Valedor, launched earlier this year in Mexico City in an effort to address the cycle of poverty trapping thousands of homeless people living on the streets. The photography-based publication of...

Vendor spotlight: Tim Smith (The Contributor - Nashville, USA)The Contributor_Vendor profile Tim Smith

“I couldn’t make it as a country music singer, so let’s see if I can make it as an actor,” says The Contributor vendor Tim Smith, who recently landed a role on hit American TV series Nashville. He talks to Skip Anderson about...

Vendor spotlight: William Howard (Street Roots – Portland, Oregon, USA)Street Roots_Vendor 1

“I’m going to sell papers, get off the streets and be a productive citizen,” vowed William Howard when he first started selling Street Roots in Portland, Oregon. And that’s exactly what he did. Today, he works fulltime as a c...

Vendor Spotlight: Ali Nur Mohamed (Surprise, Basel, Switzerland)Surprise_Vendor profile

In Somalia, 60-year-old Ali Nur Mohamed was a veterinarian and director of a Swiss NGO. But after a horrific grenade attack by the terrorist group al-Shabaab, in which he lost his right leg and had to “pretend to be dead” to ...

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