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Vendor Spotlight: Ali Nur Mohamed (Surprise, Basel, Switzerland)

In Somalia, 60-year-old Ali Nur Mohamed was a veterinarian and director of a Swiss NGO. But after a horrific grenade attack by the terrorist group al-Shabaab, in which he lost his right leg and had to “pretend to be dead” to survive, he fled to Switz...

Vendor Spotlight: Cyril Mylambiso (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)TBISA_Vendor Cyril Mylambiso 2

When Cyril Mylambiso started selling The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town four years ago, he had lost his job, separated from his girlfriend and felt like a failure because he couldn’t support his two children. On his blue...

Vendor spotlight: Mr Oh (The Big Issue Korea, Seoul)TBIOZ_Vendor spotlight 1

Mr Oh – also known as ‘Killer Smile’ – became homeless after his family business failed and he struggled to find work. For the past four years he has been selling The Big Issue Korea in Seoul, South Korea’s capital. While the...

Vendor spotlight: Mark (The Big Issue Australia, Adelaide)BIOZ_Vendor Mark

Selling The Big Issue Australia seven days a week in Adelaide has completely changed Mark’s life. Years of smoking, drug use and alcohol addiction had taken their toll on his health, which in turn made it difficult for him to...

Vendor Spotlight: Algia Benjamin (Spare Change News - Boston, USA)SCN_Vendor Spotlight

Is this the world’s longest-serving street paper vendor? Algia Benjamin has been selling Spare Change News on the streets of Boston for 22 years, starting just three months after the street newspaper was founded. He works sev...

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