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Mi Valedor_Vendor spotlight Francisco Dominguez
Vendor spotlight: Francisco Dominguez (Mi Valedor, Mexico City)

Francisco Dominguez lost everything after a one-year prison-term. On his release, he became homeless in Mexico City and started using drugs. He felt hopeless, until he discovered the street paper, Mi Valedor. Now, he is planning a future for himself ...

Vendor Spotlight: Alain Lepage (L’Itinéraire, Montréal)LItineraire_Vendor Spotlight Alain Lepage

Canadian vendor Alain Lepage, 44, sells L’Itinéraire Montréal, Québec. He has overcome a life of addiction, overworking and isolation and has learned how to relax and enjoy the little things in life. Alain also loves being ab...

Vendor spotlight: Monica, Scarp de ‘tenis – Naples, ItalyScarp de ‘tenis_Vendor spotlight Monica

“Here at Scarp, I have grown and I feel stronger,” who sells, and writes for, Scarp de 'tenis in Naples alongside her younger sister, Maria. Together, they write and attend workshops at the street paper. Thanks to her sales, ...

Vendor Spotlight: Hiroaki Kashiwagi – The Big Issue Japan, TokyoBI Japan_Vendor Spotlight Hiroaki Kashiwagi 1

Our latest Vendor Spotlight focuses on Hiroaki Kashiwagi, who has sold The Big Issue in Tokyo, Japan for over a decade. He is determined to change people’s negative opinions about his job and is proud to be part of a global f...

Vendor spotlight: Oscar and Horacio (Mi Valedor, Mexico City)Mi Valedor_Oscar

Mexico’s first street paper, Mi Valedor, launched earlier this year in Mexico City in an effort to address the cycle of poverty trapping thousands of homeless people living on the streets. The photography-based publication of...

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