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Hencho en BAs_Horacio
Vendor Spotlight: Horacio, Hecho en Buenos Aires

South American street paper Hecho en Buenos Aires spoke to its vendor Horacio about his time at the street paper and what he loves about his work. He said: “I like it because the street has its charms, people always come up and chat to me at my patch...

Vendor Spotlight: Eileen B (The Contributor)The Contributor_Vendor Spotlight Eileen B

Eileen B. spent much of her early life as a dedicated secretary in abusive relationships. Today, Eileen says she is much happier selling a street paper and taking care of her dog and two cats in her apartment. ...

Vendor Spotlight: Nadine Gartmann (Surprise)Surprise_Vendor Spotlight: Nadine Gartmann (Surprise)

Singing in the Surprise Street Choir makes Nadine Gartmann (52) happy. Surprise is a Swiss street paper which also exists as a choir for its vendors and those in social distress. Nadine lives in a house with her sister, mothe...

Vendor Spotlight: Henrieese Roberts (Street Sense)Vendor Spotlight: Henrieese Roberts (Street Sense)

Henrieese Roberts is a vendor for American street paper Street Sense, selling the magazine on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland. She also happens to be a fierce advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness and policy reform. Training as a...

Vendor Spotlight: Hendrick Beune (Megaphone)Vendor Spotlight: Hendrick Beune (Megaphone)

At 19, Hendrik Beune left his home in the Netherlands to study biology in Canada. He spent decades on the west coast surveying watersheds, building boats, and farming shellfish until a back injury sidelined him from physical ...

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