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Vendor Spotlight: Bertl Weißengruber (Kupfermuckn)
Vendor Spotlight: Bertl Weißengruber (Kupfermuckn)

Bertl is one of the original vendors of Austrian street paper, Kupfermuckn. One of the ‘usual suspects’ who regularly takes part in events organised by the paper, he has been selling Kupfermuckn for 16 years now. This true Linz character celebrated h...

Vendor Spotlight: Renae (The Big Issue Australia)BI Australia_Vendor Spotlight: Renae

Renae began selling The Big Issue Australia in Adelaide after having trouble finding a job. Renae, who has learning difficulties, has passed many woodworking courses, building shelves, tables and a dog kennel, but has struggl...

Vendor Spotlight: Robert SmithReal Change_Vendor profile:  Robert Smith

For the past nine years, Robert has been on and off the streets, starting in Las Vegas, USA, where he grew up. His mother is dead and his dad, a Vietnam vet, is serving time in prison. He moved to Seattle, Washington, four ye...

Vendor Spotlight: Emma Folan (The Big Issue in the North)BIN_Vendor Spotlight: Emma Folan (The Big issue in the North)

“If I can get my life on track, in spite of all the things I’ve had to cope with, anybody can,” says Emma Folan, one of The Big issue in the North’s newest vendors. Emma has learning difficulties and her violent first husband...

INSP turns 20Vendor image 2013

With little evidence of financial recovery at street-level and demand for food banks across the world growing at an alarming rate, the number of people falling into destitution and homelessness continues to rise. For many peo...

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