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Picture Stories
Faktum_Candid images Swedish vendors 1
PHOTO SERIES: Candid images reveal what Swedish vendors do after work

Swedish street paper Faktum enlisted Condé Nast Traveller’s Håkan Ludwigson and fellow Swedish photographer Bo Kågerud to capture how vendors spend their time after work. These vibrant and candid portraits of vendors in the various places they call h...

PHOTO SERIES: Homeless in America’s tent citiesReuters_Photo series Homeless in Americas tent cities 6

Reuters meets people living in homeless encampments in Seattle, Washington State and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here, residents live away from the dangers of life on the streets, saying the stability helps them work toward their...

Life meets death in Egypt's Cairo NecropolisReuters_Life meets death in Egypts Cairo Necropolis 2

Amid a housing crisis in Egypt, and with the population of the capital estimated at 20 million, thousands of people live side by side with the dead inside the Cairo Necropolis. Some families have lived in sprawling Cairo neig...

A room without a view: second life for Swiss army bunkersReuters_A room without a view 2

Visitors to the cavernous Hotel La Claustra in Switzerland might not enjoy much of a view, but they do get to spend a few nights in an ex-army bunker. The 17-room hotel is part of a wider trend in Switzerland for recycling th...

In Photos: Lake Poopo dries upReuters_Lake Popoo 3

What happens when a lake dries up entirely? In the case of the Lake Poopo in Bolivia, the answer is nothing short of devastation. The basin which once held 2,000 square kilometres of water is now bone dry. Animals have died o...

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