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War Veterans
Reuters_A soldier with BRAVO Company Royal Canadian Regiment_TEXT
More ex-soldiers at risk of homelessness

Tens of thousands of Western troops will leave Iraq and Afghanistan and make the journey home over the next couple of years. Those who then leave the military will face an even more perilous journey – the road back into civilian society, where weak e...

Bringing them homeStreet Sense_ bringing them home

Robert Plummer’s days without a place to call home may finally be coming to an end. After 13 years of waiting, Plummer, a veteran of the United States Army, recently received a housing voucher to help him rent an apartment. ...

A life less ordinaryIreland's Big Issue_A life less ordinary

As the only man in England alive who has served in all three branches of the armed forces, Robert Widders is all-too familiar with the restlessness and sense of isolation that ex-servicemen experience on leaving the army. “To...

Traumatised ex-soldiers end up on the streetsHus Forbi

Too often, social isolation and homelessness are the final destination for traumatised Danish ex-soldiers. And the Ministry of Defence -who sent them to the front lines in the first place- offers little help. ...

Homeless war veterans in Canada: a long-hidden problemMegaphoneMagazine_HomelessVeterans

As Canadian armed forces begin to withdraw from Afghanistan, Vancouver street paper Megaphone looks at the growing problem of homelessness amongst veterans and what the government is, or is not, doing to support them....



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