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Max Ginsburg: „Mir wurde gesagt, ich wäre un-amerikanisch“

 Street Roots - USA Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

In den Fünfziger- und Sechzigerjahren, als die Kunst sich kopfüber in die Abstraktheit stürzte, brachte der Künstler Max Ginsburg seine Ansichten in den stärkeren Fokus. Ginsburgs Welt war nicht rundherum verschwommen. Seine war lebhaft, anschaulich und viel zu real. (2663 Wörter) - Von Joanne Zuhl


Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-Foreclosure

The painting “Foreclosure,” by Max Ginsburg, 40” x 65” oil, 2011, depicts the anguish and frustration of people in foreclosure. Of this painting, Ginsburg, says,“This injustice is not supposed to happen in America.”Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg photo

Max Ginsburg (Portrait picture - Download to see full image).Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-Coffee Break

“Coffee Break,” 16” by 16” oil on canvas, 2007, shows a Gulf War veteran, draped in the American flag, under the watchful stare of a policeman.Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-Homeless

Homeless, Oil on canvas 25” x 40” 2006 - I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. Too many of our fellow Americans live like this, in the richest country in the world. Too many of us choose to look the other way.Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-Peace March

“Peace March,” 48” x 70” oil on canvas, 2007, shows an array of people, young and old, joining in a procession in New York City. The key for Ginsburg was their expression of determination.Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-Torture-AbuGhraib

“Torture Abu Ghraib,” 46” x 32” oil on canvas, 2009, is reminiscent of the crucifixion of Christ in an effort to express Ginsburg’s outrage at the hypocrisy of the religous leaders who supported the war and torture.Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

Street Roots_Max Ginsburg-War Pieta

War Pieta, 50” x 60” oil on canvas, 2007, expresses Ginsburg’s disgust for the “blood for oil” policies overseas, using the Renaissance imagery of the Madonna and Christ in the Pieta.Courtesy of Max Ginsburg

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