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Asia and Europe - the twain must meet InDepth News 27/09/2019

The Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) on October 4-5 will be the biggest international gathering in Brussels, bringing together 48 Asian and European countries, joined by senior European Union officials and the secretary general of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Russia, Australia and New Zealand will be welcomed as new members.

Dressing with a conscience The Big Issue in the North (UK) Street News Service 27/09/2019

To meet our demand to buy cheap clothes, the price workers pay is often sweatshop conditions. But thanks to determined pioneers and concerned customers across the UK, there’s a growing number of ethical suppliers. Sarah Irving explores how easy it is to dress with a conscience.

Inception: now we can all lucid dream The Big Issue South Africa 27/09/2019

Following the phenomenal success of the film Inception, Albert Buhr talks to the lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley who earns a living teaching people to create their own dream worlds.

My secret darkness: An interview with Isobel Campbell The Big Issue in Scotland 27/09/2019

Don’t let the wispy voice and sweet looks fool you, says singer-songwriter Isobel Campbell. Once a member of Belle & Sebastian, an indie pop band formed in Glasgow in 1996, Isobel Campbell embarked on a solo career in 2002. She reveals the heartache behind her new album recorded with American rocker Mark Lanegan.

Playing till it hurts no more Street News Service 27/09/2019

As a little girl Ghislaine Vos (27) loved football and sport activities. But it was the same sport that later became her enemy. Training was an obsession, right through the pain. The Homeless World Cup was the turning point in her life.

China says 4 Japanese suspected of illegal filming Reuters 27/09/2019

China is investigating four Japanese suspected of entering a military zone and illegally videotaping military targets, Xinhua news agency said, in the latest row to threaten ties between Asia's two biggest economies.

Obama urges new ways to tackle poverty Reuters 27/09/2019

President Barack Obama called last week for new ways to tackle global poverty and said his administration would focus its help to the poor on promoting economic growth and fighting corruption.

Poverty round-trip Hus Forbi (Denmark) 27/09/2019

For six years Catalin Tudorache and Puiu Toader have travelled back and forward between Romania and Denmark. They are Roma and live three-four months at a time in Copenhagen, where they sleep at friends’ or in a park and they do what they can to scrape enough money together for the families in their home country.

Music as therapy: getting high on chords Surprise (Switzerland) 27/09/2019

Every Tuesday night, the Kontakt- und Anlaufstelle (contact and drop-in centre) in Basel’s industrial quarter is transformed into a rehearsal room. Addicts playing in the band Stoffwechsel get high – but on loud music instead of hard drugs.

The Big Issue in the North (UK) 27/09/2019

In the second of our series of campaigning articles on the Roma, Ciara Leeming meets the community in Gorton, Manchester and finds respectful people willing to work hard if given the chance.

Global Voices – HWC Edition Street News Service 27/09/2019

Last week, hundreds of players took part in the Homeless World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Street News Service was around the pitches to ask players, coaches and volunteers: What is the best thing about the Homeless World Cup?

Vendor Spotlight Street News Service 27/09/2019

Brazil still in denial about homelessness Street News Service 27/09/2019

The Homeless World Cup put homelessness in the spotlight in Rio de Janeiro last week. But many poverty issues in the country are still covered up.

Brasilien verschließt die Augen vor der Obdachlosigkeit Street News Service 27/09/2019

Die Obdachlosen-WM rückte die Wohnungslosigkeit letzte Woche in Rio de Janeiro ins Rampenlicht. Aber die Problematik der Armut in dem Land wird immer noch unter den Teppich gekehrt.

Inception: Jetzt können wir alle klarer Träumen The Big Issue South Africa 27/09/2019

Anlässlich des phänomenalen Erfolgs des Films Inception spricht Albert Buhr mit Charlie Morley, der seinen Lebensunterhalt damit verdient, Menschen beizubringen, ihre eigenen Traumwelten zu kreieren.

Stimmen weltweit – Ausgabe zur Obdachlosen-WM Street News Service 27/09/2019

Letzte Woche nahmen Hunderte von Spielern an der Weltmeisterschaft der Obdachlosen in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien, teil. Der Street News Service befragte vor Ort Spieler, Trainer und Helfer: Was ist das Beste an der Weltmeisterschaft der Obdachlosen?

Kampf gegen Menschenhandel wirkungslos – Expertentreffen in Mexiko IPS 27/09/2019

Maßnahmen gegen den Menschenhandel in Lateinamerika haben sich bislang als ineffizient erwiesen. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommen Experten und Menschenrechtsaktivisten, die zum Zweiten Lateinamerikanischen Kongress gegen den Menschenhandel im mexikanischen Puebla zusammengekommen sind.

Weltwirtschaftskrise treibt NGOs an den Rand der Existenz IPS 27/09/2019

Die Mehrheit der lateinamerikanischen Länder hat die Auswirkungen der weltweiten Rezession bewältigt, auch indem sie die neoliberale Politik in ihrer fundamentalistischsten Ausprägung hinter sich ließen. Für die Nichtregierungsorganisationen der Region ist die Krise noch längst nicht zu Ende.

Brasil no reconoce el problema de los sin hogar Street News Service 27/09/2019

La Copa Mundial de los Sin Hogar puso el problema en el punto de mira en Rio de Janeiro la semana pasada, pero aun se encubren muchos problemas relacionados con la pobreza.

Comerciantes informales sufren acoso en fronteras IPS 27/09/2019

El acoso y la explotación sexual por funcionarios fronterizos constituyen las mayores amenazas para las mujeres que se dedican al comercio informal en África, señaló el Fondo de Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas para la Mujer (Unifem).

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