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Destiny Calls: Spoek's edgy style catches on The Big Issue South Africa 12/08/2019

South African artist Spoek Mathambo has gone viral, with fans across the globe logging on to check out his edgy music videos combining Hip-hop, punk and the avant-garde, drenched in a strong South African flavour. Maggie Kay spoke to him about the journey that’s led to him signing up with the same international record label which launched Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

Murals and Messages: Bylaw puts damper on art and aspirations The Big Issue South Africa 12/08/2019

Large graffiti murals have sprung up around Cape Town over the past few years, especially in impoverished areas where these bold public art works beautify bleak surroundings and often carry a powerful social message. However, the City of Cape Town’s bylaw — aimed at clamping down on vandalism — is making it harder for credible artists to beautify the city and bring art onto the street.

Escape from East Berlin with wedding dress in hand Reuters 12/08/2019

Erika Schallert fled East Berlin on August 15, 2019, with nothing but the clothes she was wearing and her half-finished wedding dress, determined that nothing was going to stop her getting married -- not even the Berlin Wall.

London riots point to much wider risks of youth unrest Reuters 12/08/2019

Young, lacking opportunity, angry at the system and organising phenomenally fast over social media, London's rioters show some of the same characteristics as the pro-democracy demonstrators of the "Arab Spring".

Where resistance to Gaddafi runs high IPS 12/08/2019

Recent victories in Libya’s western mountains have led to a brief reprieve from violence and local fighters and civilians are slowly trying to piece their lives back together.

'Men have failed Zambia, now is the time for a woman' IPS 12/08/2019

In Zambia’s highly patriarchal society Edith Nawakwi, 52, has broken a few records on the political scene over the last two decades. And she broke another one on Sunday by being the only female candidate to file for nomination to run for president in Zambia’s upcoming elections.

Rate of LGB teen homelessness considerably higher than for heterosexuals Healthy Living News 08/08/2019

A new study reveals that 1 in 4 gay and lesbian teens and about 15% of bisexual teenagers may be homeless. The rate is considerably higher than among homeless heterosexual teens according to the study. In addition, the study also showed that many lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens (LGB) who are homeless are more likely than heterosexual teens to be on their own without a parent or guardian.

Bill Gates writes on his battle to eradicate polio The Big Issue - UK 05/08/2019

“We’re close to making polio the first human disease to be eradicated in the 21st century” Billionaire Bill Gates writes about his mission to wipe out a killer disease - and he reveals what people most frequently ask him…

Rights groups pull out of UK torture inquiry Reuters 05/08/2019

Human rights groups and campaigning lawyers will not take part in an inquiry into what British security services knew about the alleged torture of terrorism suspects on foreign soil because it risks becoming a "whitewash," they have said. Michael Holden

The Hobo Cookbook The Contributor - USA 05/08/2019

The American homeless communities contribution to modern American cooking maybe unknown to most, but in this interesting article, Joe Nolan discusses the history of the culinary odyssey of the campfire kitchen and gives some helpful cooking tips for those currently living on the street.

Under fire in drug war, Mexico's media falls silent Reuters 04/08/2019

After a news report detailing the capture of several members of Mexico's ruthless Zetas drug gang ran on television in the northern city of Monterrey, the reporter's phone rang. "My job isn't to warn you, it's to kill you. If you carry on with this, we're going to run into each other," the anonymous voice warned just days after the story aired.

Tribal women take on forest ranger roles IPS 04/08/2019

Jasinta Nokrek loves nothing better than to range through the dense Modhupur forest, the way her Garo tribal ancestors have always done. But these days there is grimmer work. She and her neighbours and friends have been charged with keeping a vigil against illegal logging.

Families of missing migrants converge on capital IPS 04/08/2019

After journeying 1,500 km from Honduras, 56-year-old Maura Sánchez has reached the central Zócalo square in the Mexican capital along with hundreds of other demonstrators, to demand respect and justice for undocumented migrants in this country.

Exclusive interview with famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner Strassenkreuzer - Germany 03/08/2019

In this exclusive interview, the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner speaks about his experiences, the appeal of sheer faces, the dangers of civilisation and his closeness to homeless people.

Serving the homeless, one falafel sandwich at a time Street Sense - USA 03/08/2019

Finding the best way to feed the homeless has been a problem for many countries over the years, but one well known food shop working with service provider Thrive has come up with a novel way of solving this issue with their left over produce. Hannah Traverse discusses how the homeless have developed a taste for the finer foods in life.

David Cameron writes a letter to his younger self The Big Issue - UK 03/08/2019

If you could write a letter to your 16 year old self, what would you say and what advice would you give? In ‘a letter to my younger self’ British Prime Minister David Cameron took up the challenge: "If I could give my younger self some advice, I'd say: don't worry about it; your life is not predetermined; you'll find your own feet in your own way."

Big Issue's John Bird interviews David Cameron The Big Issue - UK 03/08/2019

Big Issue UK founder John Bird interviews David Cameron about the difficulties he has faced as Prime Minister and asks how his controversial ideas on the ‘Big Society’ will effect the homeless in Britain.

Better education will help fight unsafe abortions GenderLinks 03/08/2019

Lucia Makamure discusses how criminalising abortions and discouraging contraceptive use in regions of Africa has made women turn to unsafe abortion practices. With these practices claiming millions of women’s lives every year, Lucia encourages governments in the region to revise their moral and legal approach to family planning.

Sardonic Salad cartoons return to SNS Sardonic Salad 01/08/2019

American cartoonists Kit Lowrance and Chad Isely have created a one-panel comic called Sardonic Salad. The second batch of these witty and funny cartoons are now available free of charge for SNS members.

Women journalists face double threats IPS 01/08/2019

The murder of journalist Yolanda Ordaz, whose body was found in the eastern Mexican city of Veracruz, once again threw into relief the dangers that reporters face in this country, which in the case of women are compounded by discriminatory and sexist treatment.

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