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Always keep up the backing

 Hinz&Kunzt (Germany) 21 May 2019

(Originally published: 12/2009) Sandra and Sascha have caught already several deep hits. When doing boxing training, the two Hinz&Kunzt; vendors make a whole new experience: Even a fight can be fair – if all participants follow the rules. (895 words) - Joachim Wehnelt


Courtesy of Hinz&Kunzt

Sandra and Sascha have been at the training session for about half an hour now. Franck Rieth had agreed to teach a boxing lesson to some Hinz & Kunzt vendors in his fitness studio in Winterhude (a district of Hamburg).Normally, Sandra's and Sascha's day always looks the same, Sascha recalls: "In the morning we fetch the street papers, then we go to Alsterhaus at Jungfernstieg to sell them and open the doors for the customers". But today it's different. They practice jumping jacks. "And stop", Frank shouts. Sandra takes a deep breath. Smoking, alcohol and living on the streets have left traces on her body. "My body degraded in the last couple of years", Sandra tells. "But it feels good to get rid of all the frustration.""When you do boxing, you learn to respect each other", Frank says. The trainer regularly visits schools in Hamburg with the project "Box-Out". "Most kids cannot fight anymore; they only know how to floor others. The kids don't know what fairness is anymore." The two continue with their training and soon get exhausted. "Go on! Don't give up", Frank shouts. "That's what boxing teaches you for life: You can do it your own way with some self-discipline." At the end, Sascha gets thoughtful: "After the training, I felt, that I am actually still alive. And the best was that I could fight with others without hurting anyone, only proving my physical strength."

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