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Global Voices: Global Financial Crisis

 Street News Service 06 June 2019

"What do you see as the most important opportunity to arise from the global financial crisis and why?" In this edition of the SNS exclusive column ‘Global Voices’ we bring you the views of five individuals from five cities across the world. (273 Words) - By Street News Service


Global_Voices_185_Marlies Gebauer

Marlies Gebauer - Kiel, Germany

Global_Voices_185_Elias Lima

Elias Lima - Salvador, Brazil

Global_Voices_185_Marian Jones

Marian Jones - Mount Rainier, Maryland

Global_Voices_185_Michael Wan

Michael Wan

Global_Voices_185_Rebekka Hidulika

Rebekka Hidulika - Windhoek, Namibia

Name: Marlies Gebauer

Age: 50

Occupation: Accountant

City of residence: Kiel, Germany

"Is it an opportunity? I would rather put it as a reset - starting again from the beginning, having to develop new values. The future cannot be about money only. Whether this is good or bad, I don't know - we'll see."


Name: Michael Wan

Age: 23

Occupation: IT/ Customer Service

City of residence: Melbourne, Australia

"I believe now the public are more aware of how frail the economy is and how other countries failing economies can cause a domino effect on our own as well as others."


Name: Elias Lima

Age: 59

Occupation: Catador

City of residence: Salvador, Brazil

"The world-wide crisis has affected us, the recycling collectors in Brazil. The prices have fallen and the people don't want to work anymore. Perhaps if everyone had the chance to have a job, the crisis would diminish. The money would be more in the hands of the people and the power less in the hands of the Government."


Name: Rebekka Hidulika

Age: 28

Occupation: Tours and Safari Director

City of residence: Windhoek, Namibia

"The crisis has hit Namibia's tourism industry hard, but there is an upside. Expensive lodges offer great discounts to attract guests. So now average Namibians have a fabulous chance to travel and explore their own country, which normally is unaffordable."


Name: Marian Jones

Age: 39

Occupation: College professor

City of Residence: Mount Rainier, Maryland, USA

"People will start to conserve resources more. That's good because we need to use less."

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