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Invisible Scars

 The Big Issue in the North - UK 09 November 2019

“I was sat at one of the computer terminals,” explains Sharon, a British Army veteran, “when a bomb went off and part of the ceiling came in. Everyone looked at me as if to say: ‘Sharon, what have you done?’ As if I’d pressed the wrong button. We were in the basement and we just heard the sounds of it all overhead. I could scream now and that wouldn’t even be close to the volume. It was like being inside a vacuum and you could hear the air being sucked as the mortars went over. So when I’m sat here at night and I hear things, I get flashbacks.” Lianne Steinberg meets a new generation of army veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and discovers that they’re being left to fight alone. She speaks with Lee and Sharon, both young veterans who tell their stories of how serving in the forces has brought them to the brink, and reveals a world of endemic abuse, sexual assault and widespread depression. (2794 Words) - By Lianne Steinberg


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