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Republication of the Week

He competed in five Olympic Games, won nine gold medals and was named Olympian of the century by Sports Illustrated. Now Carl Lewis is setting his sights on an even bigger goal: to help end hunger. SNS had an exclusive interview with the former athlete and street papers around the world republished the story.

Repub 261


Street paper Spare Change in Cambridge (USA) splashed out with the story on its front page. View the clipping here.

One step away_carl lewis

Other street papers in the USA picked up the story. One Step Away gave it a full page. See the clipping here.

Repub 261_=Oslo Lewis

Street paper =Oslo in Norway ran it as a two page spread, see here.


Repub 261_Zambia Lewis

And the story broke in Africa, too. Street paper The Big Issue in Zambia published the feature like this.

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