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Republication of the week

Over forty street papers around the world ran the exclusive story written by Prince William over the Christmas and New Year period, or in their January editions.

The article has appeared in many different countries, from the UK to Serbia, from Colombia to Malawi, from the Philippines to Japan and from the Netherlands to the US and Canada, and beyond.

It got translated into many different languages:

English Español Deutsch Nederlands Português Français Norsk Polski

Several papers made the article their cover story to maximise exposure. Many papers ordered extra copies of their 'Prince William edition' to help their vendors sell more papers and therefore earn more money over the winter period.

Any street papers that haven't sent a PDF version of the article and/or cover yet, please forward them to

Repub 262 (BI North)Repub 262 (BI Scotland)Repub 262 (Vic)Repub 262 (Oslo)

Repub 262 (street speech cover)Repub 262 (street speech article)

Repub 262 (apropos)Repub 262 (macadam cover)

Repub 262 (macadam 1)Repub 262 (macadam 2)Repub 262 (macadam 3)Repub 262 (BI London 1)

Repub 262 (BI London 2)Repub 262 (BI London 3)

Repub 262 (spare change cover)Repub 262 (spare change piece)

repub 262 wspak 1repub 262 wspak 2

repub 262 wspak 3repub 262 zet

Repub 262 (Japan)BI 262 (Japan article)


Repubs 262 (Haags)

Repub 262 (Megafon 1)Repub 262 (Megafon 2)

Repub 262 (HSJ)

Repub 262 (GU cover)Repub 262 (GU 1)Repub 262 (GU 2)

Repub 262 (GU 3)Repub 262 (GU 4)

Repub 262 (Jerusalammer cover)

Repub 262 (Jerusalammer 1)

Repub 262 (Jerusalammer 2)