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Haiti: Six months on

 Oxfam 07 July 2019

Six months since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island-nation of Haiti killing an estimated 222,570 people, work continues to remove approximately 19million cubic meters of rubble that is hampering the reconstruction effort . (169 Words) - By Staff writer



 Haitians salvage materials from the ruins of the Foreign Ministry's building in Port-au-Prince. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Most Haitians are working by hand to remove the rubble from their plots but the scale of the disaster is daunting. Indeed, it would take someone in a standard pick up truck more than 8 million trips to move the debris, most of which came from the collapse of or damage to almost two-hundred-thousand houses.

Despite engineers evaluating over 74,000 houses as safe to return to, much more still needs to be done to help the estimated 1.5million displaced people, amongst whom three-hundred-thousand are children.

Oxfam is now helping more than 440,000 people with a range of assistance including clean water, sanitation services, public health education, shelter, and support for livelihoods.

Having raised $90million to cope with the disaster - of which $30million has already been spent - more funding is required to help pay for essential services such as Oxfam's hygiene kits.

These essential kits contain personal-care items like soap, shampoo, oral-hygiene supplies, sanitary pads, and towels - and have already helped nearly 120,000 people cope with life after the earthquake.

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