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Global Voices - Special Conference Edition

 Street News Service 07 June 2019

This month’s Global Voices is a special Conference Edition. We asked delegates of the 15th INSP Annual Conference in Melbourne: “What inspired you most at this year’s conference and why?” (426 words) - By Street News Service

Global Voices June 2010

Conference MC, George Halkias. Four additional photos available - please email us.

What inspired you most at this year's conference and why?

Name: Sean Condon

Age: 32

Occupation: Executive Director, Megaphone

City: Vancouver, Canada

"I was most inspired by the solutions street papers are coming up with to help support women. Either by providing extra services to assist them as vendors or by incorporating them into the paper in unique ways, the conference showed me how street papers are working hard to provide greater gender equality."

Name: Melissa Cranenburgh

Age: 34

Occupation: Deputy Editor, The Big Issue Australia

City: Melbourne, Australia

"It's so heartening to talk to not one, not two, but a whole room of people - from most continents on earth - who understand the work we are trying to do with our street magazine. And lots of inspiring ideas were flying around those workshop rooms!"

Name: Anthony North

Age: 38

Occupation: Director of Fundraising, The Big Issue UK

City: London, United Kingdom

"The 'Speak Out' Workshop and global advertising strategy sessions highlighted an amazing opportunity for INSP to be a voice that brings about change, ranging from campaigning on policy change through to a global income generation strategy that would have a positive impact to thousands of homeless and vulnerable people across the world."

Name: Lameck Masina

Age: 38

Occupation: Editor, The Big Issue Malawi

City: Blantyre, Malawi

"As a new member I was greatly inspired by the content of the whole conference. It was an eye opener and a solution to lots of unanswered questions I had about the unique project that seeks to alleviate poverty through the selling of magazines. I came away with some great ideas for vendor development programs and shaping of editorial content to increase sales."

Name: Trudy Vlok

Age: 43

Occupation: Director, The Big Issue South Africa + INSP Treasurer

City: Cape Town, South Africa

"The INSP is about to embark on a new and exciting path that will take global collaboration to the next level. This was the focus of the conference in Melbourne and, as a board member of the Network, I was concerned that the membership would share and invest in this vision. To witness their overwhelmingly positive response and participation was very inspiring."

Name: George Halkias

Age: 39

Occupation: Street Soccer Coach, The Big Issue Australia + Conference MC

City: Melbourne, Australia

"I was amazed by the conference delegates. Sharing an undying compassion for those experiencing hardship, they demonstrate a ferocious determination to change the world. Throw in a high level of expertise in journalism, business development, marketing and community development and you have some of the most inspiring community leaders on this planet."


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