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Enough is enough

 Hus Forbi (Denmark) 15 March 2019

Is it really true that homeless people die of cold in Denmark? Helene Vindsmark and April Chris thought that it should not be and decided to do something about it. The two women spent thirteen days working as ‘social entrepreneurs’ to try make a difference. (293 Words) - By April Chris and Helene Vindsmark


Thirteen days which taught them that even though it says 'social-' in front of the titles mayor and minister it is not synonymous with the mayor and minister being ready to turn out with help when it is needed. On the other hand they experienced that many ordinary Danes are ready to help.

The diary entries run from the 9th to the 20th of January 2010 and describe the process of getting the 'A Warm Bed' project established. The idea was prompted my April contacting the Social Services Department and a few politicians, to hear how the homeless are being helped in the cold. The answer she received was that she should not worry about it.

However, April did, and together with Helene Vindsmark and many volunteers, some temporary shelters are being established in Copenhagen. Through the diaries we follow how the media covered the story and how difficult it is to get the politicians involved.

Now, shelters are being opened in cities other than Copenhagen and slowly the hard lobbying work helps them get through to politicians, mostly of the opposition.

The social minister has finally communicated through her secretary who writes, that the minister does not wish to meet them, but is thanking Chris and Vindsmark for their hard work and ask them to continue the good cause. The two entrepreneurs agree that it is a very good cause. However, they believe that it really should not be their job to help the homeless, but the politicians'.

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