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“Homeless Go Home” - No More, No More, No More!

 Making Change (USA) 13 May 2019

(Originally published: 05/2010) Randle Loeb’s poem expresses the homeless feeling of loneliness with no place to call your own. Without a place that they feel they can truly belong, the struggle of the homeless becomes even worst as they long for the comforts of a place to call home. (378 words) - Randle Loeb

Making Change

Homeless go home (Photo courtesy of Making Change)

Yes, home is where the heart is.
Home is the place that does not ache.
Home is a place where you can be free.
Home is a hearth that is always safe.
Home is a place of comfort and calm.

We can imagine a place where everyone and everything is close at hand and no one can send you away or tell you that you don't belong.

Home is a place that stands ready to embrace you with all of your frailties and kisses you gently.

Home never shuts the door and leaves you in the cold. Home is a doorway that you enter and close the door behind you and you know that you are safe.

Home is where we all belong.

We belong to the community of our brothers and sisters who stand on the threshold waiting for us to enter.

Beckons us to sit down and take off our shoes, beckons us to the hearth and allows us to rest undisturbed and shut our eyes.
Tucks us in with a warm blanket and fondles us in loving arms as a baby rocking in a cradle.

Gives us sanctuary, says , hush, yes, yes, yes rest.

Be still heart that thumps and be still breast that pounds, be still furrowed brow, close your eyes and rest, hush, my baby and don't you cry.

Mamas going to rock you in her arms and lay you down in a warm bed and watch over you. Rest for as long as you like, you are home.

Everyone longs for a hearth and comfort, everyone belongs and no one is starving or lacking a warm blanket in the comfort that is offered to all children of the earth.

May this hearth keep you warm and safe as long as you breathe the ether of this land, there is no one who is left out in the cold or unprotected ever again, hush, don't you cry mama's going to rock you to sleep in loving arms and cradled in a swaddling cloth of love.

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