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Worldwide Vendor Spotlight: Johnny Larssen

 Street News Service 01 November 2019

Johnny Larssen (37) knew nothing but drugs and violence. Now he has turned out to be one of the best vendors Norwegian street paper Megafon has ever had. (442 Words) - By Staff Writer


SNS Exclusive November 2010_Megafon_vendor_Johnny

 Johnny Larssen. Photo: Street News Service

"My life used to be nothing but drugs and violence. Life is tough when you are a criminal. Nowadays, my life is completely different. I spend the money I earn to pay old fines. There are a few convictions I need to get off my back. I've broken most laws, but I have never killed anyone."

It is hard to believe that Johnny used to be the most feared man in the city. Yes, he a big and loud man, but he does not come around as intimidating at all.

"I have learned how to listen to what other people say", claims Johnny.

"Actually, I have started meditating. I think it has saved me from a lot of trouble."

Johnny became a Megafon vendor a few years ago, and has come a long way in quite a short time. To him, this is a real job.

"It is hard work, but relaxing at the same time", says Johnny. "I work long days, but I make a good profit. And that means improved life quality. Now I can find time and energy to help others; like cleaning at my mothers' house. The small things in life are the most important ones, you know,"

When Johnny first came to Megafon, he avoid eye contact. He believes that the job as a vendor at Megafon have helped him to relate to other people.

"When you work as a street vendor, you need to look people in the eye, share a laugh, and care about others as well. If you would have met me few years ago, you would have never believed that I could do this."

Just recently, Johnny bought a scooter in order to sell magazines further away from the city. Now, he is trying to save a little for a rainy day.

"I have turned my life around. It has taken forever, but I am definitively heading in the right direction. There are more possibilities in this world than one could ever imagine, and you can achieve anything -as long as you take your time."

"One time, a man gave me a few coins and told me that he was ashamed that he could not afford the magazine. But he gave me all he had, and that means a lot more than when people give you loads of money just out of charity. He believed in me, and that has given me a reason to believe in myself."

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