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Exclusive photo essay: Homeless World Cup

 Street News Service 11 October 2019

The SNS has started a new media partnership with Photographers for Hope. Under the guidance of legendary photographer David Burnett, eight photojournalists documented projects that create social change. The first series, on the Homeless World Cup, is available for download now. (1334 Words) - By Danielle Batist


Ghanaian goalie practices on Copacabana beach prior to the Homeless World Cup 2010. Photo: Photographers for Hope/ Elaine Chen-Fernandez

To download the unique photo essay on the Homeless World Cup, please click here:


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Over the next weeks, the SNS will feature more exclusive photo essays from the Photographers for Hope. They are freely available to members for republication. Watch the SNS feeds!

About Photographers for Hope:

In September 2010, 8 members of Photographers for Hope, from Switzerland, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, United States and Brazil gathered for a unique event in Rio de Janeiro. Under the guidance of legendary photographer David Burnett, whose photographs have appeared on the cover of nearly every major news magazine, these photographers took on the challenging task of depicting the power of sport as tool for positive social change. Their mission is to tell the stories of how sports can help transform a child, a family and a community in "The Marvellous City."

In collaboration with the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace, the Brazilian branch of the Sport for Social Change Network, and Nike Brazil, this group of photographers worked with the local NGOs that are harnessing the power of sports to promote healthier, safer and better communities across Rio's metropolitan area. These projects are having a major impact on the lives of those living in one of the world's most diverse, colourful and disparate cities.

The photographers used their images to tell a story - of the people involved and the communities being impacted by these projects. The aim is to depict personal stories, explore the challenges faced by the youths, and give the world an intimate glimpse of the power of sports and community action.

One of the main reasons they picked Rio de Janeiro was because of the Homeless World Cup which took place from 19th to the 26th of September. This unique event brought together football teams from 55 nations. They were certainly competitors in the pitch, but the spirit of solidarity and sportsmanship overshadowed the competitive nature of the Cup.

David Burnett who admittedly is not fond of watching football, found himself captivated by the game at the Homeless World Cup. "This is unlike any other football game. It is fast paced, unpredictable and entertaining. Using a game like this to bring people together and raise awareness of the homelessness issue is fantastic. And doing this every year is very, very impressive," he said.

The photographers from all corners of the world travelled at their own expense to Brazil and spent nearly two weeks getting to know the local community in Rio de Janeiro and the teams at the Homeless World Cup. For all of them, it was an experience of a lifetime. Their days were filled with photographing their projects and the Cup, and their nights were spent editing their photos and listening to Burnett who regaled the group with stories from the Vietnam War to Bob Marley.

The Photographers for Hope team consists of: Matteo Cardin, Elaine Chen-Fernandez, Rodrigo Esper, Ben Moldenhauer, Katarina Premfors, Nicolae Stoian, Antoine Tardy and Anna Wang.

At the end of the project, the group of photographers vowed that they will continue to challenge themselves and find opportunities to use their passion for photography for social change; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Over the next weeks, the SNS will feature more exclusive photo essays from the Photographers for Hope. They are freely available to members for republication. Watch the SNS feeds!


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