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Global Voices

 Street News Service 06 September 2019

Travel, commerce and migration across international borders are more common than at any other time in history. In this global society, the need to cross language barriers becomes of greater importance. This month’s question therefore is: If you could learn a language other than your own, what would choose and why? (312 Words) - By Staff Writer

Global Voices

Nontokozo Mbanjwa in Cape Town. FOUR MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE- please email to request.

Name: Nontokozo Mbanjwa

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

City: Cape Town, South Africa

"I want to speak Venda, which is mainly spoken by people in the northern part of South Africa. The language is complicated but I like it the way they talk, it is funny. I would also speak Swati, the language they speak in Swaziland, because I like many aspects of their culture."

Name: James Wright

Age: 52

Occupation: Street paper vendor

City: Denver, USA

"I think I would like to learn Spanish, because Spanish is one of the biggest languages in the world. Me being a musician, I like the way kids in Spain learn how to play at least one classical song before they leave home."

Name: Melissa Schrock

Age: 25

Occupation: Bartender

City: Denver, USA

"Maybe Italian. I have always been interested in going to Italy. It's more just a fascination with the culture of Italy. I want to go there and experience the food and the wine, and it'd be nice to know the language to get around."

Name: Andreas Szameitat

Age: 51

Occupation: Carpenter

City: Neumünster, Germany

"None! I already speak German, English, Russian and Polish, that's enough. Why should I learn anymore languages? Somebody who does not speak any other languages except their own should definitely learn to speak English because it's spoken all over the world."

Name: Katherine Nesbitt

Age: 23

Occupation: Tax Preparer

City: Glasgow, Scotland

"I would like to learn Spanish as I used to speak it and it is really quite useful. Ishould probably try and improve what i know! My dream is to visit Iceland, myself and my flatmate are planning a trip there. Icelandic is an incredibly old language that would be really interesting to study. "


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