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Global Voices – HWC Edition

 Street News Service 04 October 2019

Last week, hundreds of players took part in the Homeless World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Street News Service was around the pitches to ask players, coaches and volunteers: What is the best thing about the Homeless World Cup? (298 Words) - By Danielle Batist


Global_Voices_251_Anna-Karin Lodetti

Anna at the Homeless World Cup. Photo: Danielle Batist

Global_Voices_251_Arkady Tyurin

Arkady Tyurin. Photo: Danielle Batist

Global_Voices_251_Donald Young

Donald Young. Photo: Danielle Batist

Global_Voices_251_Iain McGill

Iain McGill. Photo: Danielle Batist

Global_Voices_251_Patrick Olemen

Patrick Olemen. Photo: Danielle Batist

What is the best thing about the Homeless World Cup?


Name: Anna-Karin Lodetti

Job at HWC: Player Team Sweden
Number of HWCs attended:

"The friendliness of everyone. On the field we are competing, but afterwards it's all hugs and love. I was really surprised by that. I never thought the atmosphere would be this amazing."


Name: Iain McGill
Job at HWC:
Number of HWCs attended:

"Seeing the players happy. A lot of the folks involved haven't been happy for a long time. For them to feel valued and be happy is the best thing about the tournament."


Name: Arkady Tyurin
Job at HWC:
Coach Team Russia
Number of HWCs attended:

"The existence of the Homeless World Cup itself is the best thing. It reminds us that life is team play. The Russian team slogan is 'Shut up and play', but I am sure they are enjoying it."


Name: Donald Young
Job at HWC:
Scotland, but lives in Holland
Number of HWCs attended:

"Seeing people who live under all different circumstances come together. People from around the world improving their lives through football- that's what it's all about."


Name: Patrick Olemen
Job at HWC:
Player Team Canada
Number of HWCs attended:

"Making friends and learning chants in all different languages. I learned the Philippino dance, the Polish chant and the yell of the English team. I cheer on everybody."

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