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International Street Paper Awards shortlist announced

 Street News Service 18 July 2019

INSP is proud to present the nominees for the 2011 International Street Paper Awards. The winners will be revealed this Friday during an award ceremony in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow as part of the INSP's 16th annual conference. (692 Words) - By Staff writer


INSP reveals the award nominees list


The event will celebrate the substantial impact of street papers as independent media and promote the core values of the street paper movement to build a more equal and just world.

This year's judging panel praised the quality of the submissions and had an exceptionally tough time choosing the shortlist. The panel is chaired by INSP Honorary President David Schlesinger (Chairman, Thomson Reuters China and Editor In Chief, Reuters News 2007-2011).

He said about the awards: "Reuters is a proud supporter of the INSP and we're delighted to assist such a dynamic and unique movement of independent media. Being one of the judges for the International Street Paper Awards gives me further insight into the important work of street papers as advocates for social change".

The 2011 shortlisted entries are:

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Best Feature Story: Writing for social impact

- Minority report (The Big Issue in the North, UK)

- The Resolute Shepherd (Denver VOICE, USA)

- City of Everyone (OCAS, Brazil)

- The hens with the golden slaves (Hecho en Bs As, Argentina)

- In the Shadow of the Games: Is Delhi Still Dreaming? (The Big Issue in Scotland)


Best Cover: Making a statement on the street

- Social benefits body scanner (Kupfermuckn, Austria)

- A Muzzled Media (The Big Issue South Africa)

- Solutions to hunger (The Jeepney, Philippines)

- Santa Claus in the recession (Liceulice, Serbia)

- The Poor Poet (Straßenkreuzer, Germany)


Best Interview: A spotlight on the change-makers

- 'I still fight injustice' (BISS, Germany)

- Living Social Responsibility (Die Jerusalëmmer, Germany)

- The king and the orphan (=Oslo, Norway)

- Fighting back (One Step Away, USA)

- The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan (Megaphone, Canada)


Best Photograph: Evoking deeper perspectives on poverty

- Karoo Gems (The Big Issue South Africa)

- 'Rugby' Boys (The Jeepney, Philippines)

- Trapped Nations (Asphalt , Germany)

- Art Ranger (=Fredrikstad, Norway)

- The Baptism of Cherokeewolf (The Contributor, USA)


Best Vendor Essay: A fresh perspective from the street

- Terracotta Angel (The Big Issue Australia)

- Freedom for the white dove (Apropos, Austria)

- Economic Violence (Victoria Street Newz, Canada)

- Philly Homeless Help Haiti Homeless (One Step Away, USA)

- Before the cold hurts… (OCAS, Brazil)


Best Design: Affecting change through visual content

- Liceulice (Serbia)

- Megafon (Norway)

- OCAS (Brazil)

- Denver VOICE (USA)

- The Big Issue in Scotland / Wales


INSP Special Award for External Press: Advocating for the needs and rights of homeless people

- Preparing for a flood (NEXT Newspapers, Lagos State, Nigeria)

- Hiding from death (O Trecheiro, São Paulo, Brazil)

- Homeless Crisis Grows in B.C.'s North (The, Canada)

- One man's uphill climb out of Tent City (The City Paper, Nashville, USA)

- The plight of African refugees in Scotland (The Herald, Scotland)


A discretionary award will also be presented to one INSP member for an 'Outstanding Contribution to the International Street Paper Movement'


The 2011 Street Paper Awards Judging Panel:

David Schlesinger - Editor-in-Chief, Reuters (2007-2011)

David Burnett - Photojournalist

Ferial Haffajee - Editor-in-Chief, City Press, SA

Tom Thomson - Group Managing Editor, The Herald & Times Group

Sanjay Suri - Editor-in-Chief, Inter Press Service

Simon Esterson - Esterson Associates / Art Director, Eye Magazine



Official Awards Ambassador: Dr Federico Mayor, President, Culture for Peace Foundation & Former Director-General, UNESCO

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