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Opinion: Mainstream media not showing the true picture

 Street Sheet (Canada) 16 May 2019

Recently the mainstream media in Canada published a story about a young woman who killed a man on the street in an altercation in Toronto Ontario, Canada. It seems that they used all the information from two sources only. That of the plaintiff and that of the police. Not always the most reliable sources for one thing.. The defendant's viewpoint was not considered. (1037 Words) - By Rodney Graham


Yes, this is called 'hard news', meaning news that is just relating facts about a certain event that has occurred and is verified as true.  However - the mainstream media has choices of what to print and what not to print - and what to put on the front page and what not to put on the front page.  How you present your material can make an impact on how the reader views an event.  So to make the situation - the news event - less ambiguous and make it clearer to understand how circumstances play out on the street, I urge readers to read this article with an open mind and also read the links I provide and what they say about circumstances on the street.  Then, perhaps the public may not conclude that all panhandlers - and all homeless on the street  just may well be dangerous and violent.  Because the mainstream media today is very good at presenting their simple 'hard news' in a way that demonizes the less fortunate.

Most violent crime on the street after midnight in Canada is perpetrated by middle class/upper class white males who frequent upscale bars and nightclubs.. But who do the cops arrest for minor offences? Who do they harass and search (Illegally mostly)? The visible poor, and mostly younger ones , who are probably the most desperate (But not always - yes I know!).. But this is not covered in the media at all..nor is is seen in the courts.

Why? Because the well off are treated with felt gloves that's why. All they do after they beat the shit out of somebody, and usually by outnumbering the victim, and show the cops their address in Bellevue or Shaughnessy or some snob hill somewhere and say, 'my mommy and daddy are o.k. man..they got moola, we're status just like you' But this poor young girl was probably first verbally assaulted, then physically as the rich pricks continued to provoke a fight..she lost it at that point, probably outnumbered as is usually the case. But, as usual, the poor is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, while the well offs are believed, the law ignoring and setting aside witnesses and skewing the facts..

It reminds me of the scene in Les Miserables where Fantine looses it at being humiliated and verbally assaulted by the dandy. I'll bet anyone a million fucking dollars that's how it played out...I'll bet anyone, I've seen it too many times with my own eyes..Exaclty like the scene!

About the mainstream media:   Dozens of homeless are beaten and murdered each year - but the idiotic, ignorant mainstream media ignores it, choosing to hype up a story of a dangerous "panhandler" who was probably more of a victim than a killer. I've witnessed it so many times..Some rich pricks pick a fight with a poor panhandler - in this case a female panhandler..and they usually outnumber the homeless in these attacks too.. oh yeah, I shouldn't forget to mention this too - It seems o.k. for well off guys to hit a female if she is visibly not well off - on the street - late at night, like a panhandler or squeegee kid.  It seems to be alright for cops to beat females and pull their hair out if they are poor.

I've interviewed many homeless females who have told me exactly that - too many times!  I've witnessed it too..  I've witnesses, for example, at an intersection someone throw an ashtray at a squeegee kid in Winnipeg.  The girl was peacefully trying to wash car windows at the intersection at the time.  I went to hospital with her and her boyfriend..  Her face was scarred for life - she required several stitches.  These young citizens were merely trying to make enough money for something to eat and to make enough money to leave town since they were from another province and traveling - Cops harass kids on the street so damned much they have to move on from town to town in Canada.  I called the police and they refused to investigate because they were 'just' squeegee kids - Not worthy of justice.

On another occasion, I heard of it from witnesses but did not see it myself.  Some men got out of a van and beat some kids with golf clubs who were washing car windows at an intersection in Winnipeg.  You can imagine the wounds they received!  Again the police were called and they were given the license plate number.  And again the police did nothing.  But a witnesses alleged  that  the police told them that the squeegee kids were on the street illegally because squeegeeing (Washing car windows at intersections for change) cars was illegal - it was their own fault so the police would do nothing.

The media usually gets it all wrong and only publishes one side of the story.  If it is a poor person beaten it is not even a news item.. Only if a homeless person is killed, perhaps will they publish something, but maybe not even on the front page as this article above was - nationally too.'s usually always the well offs who commit the violence on the street.  Either fighting each other, or as is becoming a sport in Canada - beating panhandlers on the street.  Why?  I don't know really..The well off, especially the rich have always been prone to violence and aggression, but perhaps they are becoming to lazy or too cowardly to fight each other when they are intoxicated, preferring an easier target in a homeless citizen.

Find out more in this report from the National Coalition for the Homeless

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