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Professional cartoons now available on SNS

 Sardonic Salad 16 May 2019

American cartoonists Kit Lowrance and Chad Isely have created a one-panel comic called Sardonic Salad, and the episodes are now available free of charge for SNS members. The witty and funny Sardonic Salad cartoons have entertained readers across the globe. (290 Words) - By Staff writer


Sardonic_salad 1

What Mario would really be like as a plumber. Full version available for download. Sardonic Salad

Several street papers have requested cartoons for republication in their publications. This new content donation agreement with Sardonic Salad means we can now make cartoons available for download through SNS.

Chad Isely & Kit Lowrance are a creative duo producing curious cartoons. They describe themselves in an equally curious way: "[we] were hatched in the rain forests of Antarctica and raised by an ant colony on a diet of sweet herbs & bitter fruits. Our hobbies include shifting paradigms outside the box while pushing envelopes and pursuing apathy with heedless enthusiasm."


As this is a new type of content for SNS, we are curious to hear your feedback. Sardonic Salad kindly donated 11 one-panel cartoons to start with. Which ones do you like? Would you be interested in republishing them in your publications, and how often would you require new ones? Please send us your feedback to You can download the cartoons here. SNS would like to thank Sardonic Salad for their kind donation.

Cartoons by street papers

In addition, some street papers have also submitted their in-house produced cartoons to SNS. See here a recent one from American cartoonist Kevin Botelho, who contributes regularly to street paper Spare Change News.

And click here to see the cartoons from Robert Hayes, a homeless man currently residing in Philadelphia's largest homeless men's shelter. He is an aspiring cartoonist working for American street paper One Step Away. He is also featured in our Republication of the Week.

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