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New Sardonic Salad cartoons

 Sardonic Salad 21 November 2019

American cartoonists Kit Lawrence and Chad Isely have released a new batch of one panel cartoons for republication in street papers. Four brand new witty and funny cartoons are now available for download. (116 Words) - By


Sardonic_salad 28

 Credit: Chad Isely & Kit Lowrance

Kit Lawrence & Chad Isely are a creative duo producing cartoons. They describe themselves  as being: "hatched in the rain forests of Antartica and raised by an ant colony on a diet of sweet herbs & bitter fruits. Our Hobbies include shifting paradigms outside the box while pushing envelopes and pursuing apathy with heedless enthusiasm."

You can download the new cartoons here. They are located at the bottom of the list, numbers 26, 27, 28 and 29. Feel free to download the previous ones.

Every time you wish to see all the Sardonic Salad cartoons just type "sardonic_salad" into the image search option on the SNS website. All new cartoons will be added to that list.

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