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In South Africa the elderly are doing it for themselves

 Homeless Talk - South Africa 28 November 2019

At a time in life when you might expect others to make the decisions and do all the work OAP’s in South Africa are doing it for themselves. (473 Words) - By Musawenkosi Kumalo


Motosi Humanity Foundation is an organization created by the more elderly members of Dobsonville community. The organization started on the year 2009 in May. The main purpose of the organization is to keep the older citizens of Dobsenville active and flexible both physically and mentally.

The organization is involved in the old age physical excises project. Richel Smale the coordinator of the organization says: "Our main purpose in this project is to maintain the physical wellbeing of the elderly. We have managed to keep them physically strong and healthy. The excises techniques that we are using are strictly meant for the older perosn. I have seen positive results in this project because now most of our project member's health has improved, for instance their high blood pressure is now in a stable condition". Motosi Humanity Foundation is also engaged in other sports, it was involved in a 1km walk competition for the elderly which was sponsored by the Sowetan newspaper at Dobsenville Centre on the year 2011, the organization managed to win second price in the competition.

Motosi Humanity Foundation is running another project called Khari Guide which is the learning program meant for the elderly. The organization has worked with the Department of Social Welfare in ensuring that the khari guide project is successful. "This project goes in hand with the physical exercise project. "Our organization members meet three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8: am then start excising at 8:30am until 9:00am after that we start with our learning program at 9:30am until 10:00am. This learning project has provided the old age with the writing and reading skills, and has also boost their self esteem" says Smale.

Motosi Humanity Foundation is also planning the long term goal project which is the sewing project "we are intending start a sewing project because we have seen that most of our members enjoy the sewing skills, and also realized that this project could also bring the some source of income within the organization because what we will be sewing will be sold to the public" says Smale.   Although the Motosi Humanity Foundation has brought positive development for the old age of Dobsenville, it is also facing some challenges in getting its own land and building as it is using an open space owned by the government at the moment. The Motosi organization also lack funding and sponsorship as their only method of getting a source of income for the organization`s projects is to host fundraising events at Umthombo Wolwazi Community hall. Therefore the organization is seeking for sponsorship and assistance of any kind from the government, the private sector and other successful organizations. Any one who is willing to put a hand can contact homeless talk here.