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INSPirišući svet (April 2012)

 INSP 02 April 2019

Svakog prvog ponedeljka u mesecu upoznajemo urednike sa izborom kratkih priča sa sajta servisa vesti. Paket može da se koristi za popunjavanje međunarodnih stranica u vašim uličnim novinama. Jednostavno kliknite na „ preuzmi članak“ i „preuzmi galeriju slika“ da bi preštampali materijal. Verzije na drugim jezicima su dostupne ispod teksta. (1479 Words) - By Staff Writer


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SNS_SoleRebels: Africa’s answer to Nike

1. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is the woman behind Ethiopian fair-trade shoe manufacturer SoleRebels.Photo: Philipp Hedemann

Reuters_No help for America’s homeless gay teens

2. Homeless boys kiss while sheltering in an abandoned building. In the USA, 1 in 4 gay and lesbian and high school students are homeless, compared with just 3 per cent of heterosexual teens.Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Leclair

Reuters_Swedish equality fades away as rich get richer

3. A homeless man sleeps on the street in Stockholm. In a 15-year span, Sweden has seen the steepest increase in inequality of all countries in the developed world.Photo: REUTERS/Leif R Jansson/Scanpix Sweden

The Way Home_Carers help Yozhik find The Way Home 2

4. Street paper and homeless shelter, The Way Home is helping street children in Ukraine like Oleg turn their lives around..Photo courtesy of The Way Home

Rights to the City

5. Using the slogan “Right to the City”, citizens’ groups around the globe are fighting for more participation in urban development. Photo courtesy of Right to the City

Reuters_Hotline could save Roma refugees

6. Romanian child refugees being transported to a shelter in Belfast. Of the 500 ‘unaccompanied minors’ who disappeared from State Care between 2000 and 2009: only 72 of them have been found.Photo: REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Liceulice_Radne akcije – nekad i sad 3

7. In Serbia, the demand for ‘worthwhile’ holiday activities is growing again, as more youths spend their free time in voluntary work camps.Photo courtesy of Liceulice

INSP offers empowering alternative to ‘Homeless Hotspots’2

8. Scottish-based charity the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) has launched its latest innovation, INSP Digital.


9. 'Colleague cover' of the month April 2012: German street paper BISS Magazine.Photo courtesy of BISS Magazine

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