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Affordable housing hold-up in Nashville

 The Contributor - USA 30 April 2019

The myth among many Americans is that publicly funded housing is easily available to people who experience homelessness, have low incomes or disabilities, or are seniors. But, even though federal, state and local governments pump billions of dollars into housing programs each year, finding publicly funded housing is often a process that takes many years and leaves people with a need to find, or create, a temporary solution. (1865 Words) - By Jesse Call


Affordable Housing

Across Nashville, many private market apartment complexes like the one Gregory T. lives in (pictured above) are eligible to receive federally-funded Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers. Gregory applied for a voucher, and if approved, said he will be able to use the money he currently uses to pay his rent to pay for his other expenses, including furnishing his apartment. Photo: Jesse Call

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