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Married to music

 The Big Issue in the North - UK 22 April 2019

Hailing from Bamako, Mali’s rapidly growing yet impoverished capital city, blind duo Amadou and Mariam have found world-wide acclaim, including a Grammy nomination, as the biggest-selling music act to have emerged from Africa this century. (1118 Words) - By Richard Smirke


BIIN_Married to music2

Having both lost their sight in their youth, the pair are not only flying the flag for Malian music, but “also trying to wave the flag of disabled people to show that it is possible to break through even if you are handicapped.” Photo: publicity shot

BIIN_Married to music1

Amadou and Mariam, the Grammy-nominated blind duo who met at Mali’s Institute for the Young Blind, formed an instant romantic and musical bond, and have since gone on to become the biggest-selling act to have emerged from Africa this century.Photo: publicity shot

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