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Gilles Vigneault - From the street to a people

 L'Itinéraire - Canada 06 August 2019

A poet and singer deeply rooted in his native Quebec, Gilles Vigneault has become an icon at home and an important ambassador abroad. He speaks to Canadian street paper L'Itineraire about the power of the young for social change and why 'the hour is awakening'. (1144 Words) - By Marie-Lise Rousseau


L'intineraire_Gilles Vigneault 1

Gilles Vigneault.Photo: Anne-Marie Piette

L'intineraire_Gilles Vigneault 2

Gilles Vigneault.pHOTO: Anne-Marie Piette

L'intineraire_Gilles Vigneault 3

Gilles Vigneault.Photo: Anne-Marie Piette

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