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INSPiring the World (August 2012)

 INSP 06 August 2019

On every first Monday of the month we present editors with a selection of short stories from the news service website. The package can be used to fill the international pages in your street paper. Simply click ‘download article’ and ‘download gallery images’ to reprint the material. Other language versions are available below the text. (1357 Words) - By Staff Writer


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1. A recent survey, by the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) reveals that 72% of street papers have seen a change in their vendor base, mainly caused by the ecnomic crisis. Leon (right) seen here at an emergency shelter Klimaka, is one of the many effected by Greece's economic crisis. Photo: Myrto Papadopoulos

SCN_Boxing 1

2. In the USA, the popularity of boxing among women is on the rise and this year's 2012 Olympic Games in London welcomes female boxers to the competition for the first time in history. Photo: Thomas Chevalier


3. Cyprian Kohut, a professional musician from Poland, plays the cello for passers-by. In Swiss cities, a crackdown on 'noise pollution' means buskers are only permitted to play at certain times during the day, and banned entirely on Sundays and bank holidays. Photo: Lucian Hunziker

INSP_Malawi loses children to Tanzanian traffickers

4. Ten-year-old Msondo Walusungu Msondo was poached by traffickers and taken to Tanzania, where he was forced to fish in dangerous waters. He saw children being killed by wild animals and crocodiles and others who died of cholera due to poor sanitation. Photo: Henry Kijimwana Mhango

L'Itineraire_WiFi banned in Canadian school

5. A school in Ontario has banned the use of Wi-Fi internet connections after a concerned staff member learned of a recent study by the World Health Organization, which suggests a possible relation between cancer and Wi-Fi. Photo: Sebastien Bertrand


6. Francois Pienaar, former captain of the South African Springboks told INSP "I'm a big fan of The Big Issue."Photo: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Hemples_Slovakia refugees

7. Slovakian immigrants are seeking refuge in Germany in order to escape violence and poverty. Many hope to sell street papers as a means of earning an income, but German street papers like HEMPELS in Keil are struggling to help everyone.Photo: Heidi Klinner-Krautwald


8. A pharmacist gives free medicine provided by the government to a patient inside a hospital in Kolkata. India has put in place a $5.4 billion policy to provide free medicine to its people, a decision that could change the lives of hundreds of millions, but a ban on branded drugs stands to cut Big Pharma out of the windfall. Photo: REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri

News Pack collegue cover Aug

9. 'Colleague cover' of the month August 2012: Straatjournaal.Photo: Straatjournaal

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