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Photo series: Strange Pets

 Reuters 27 August 2019

Some pet owners love their dogs and cats. Others go for a more unusual pet buddy. (31 Words) - By Staff writer


Reuters_Unusal pets 1

A beggar naps with his monkey on a street in Chongqing municipality February 23, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer Shanghai

Reuters_Unusal pets 2

10-year-old Carissa Boulden watches her pet Shetland pony Princess eat spaghetti bolognaise at the family's dining table. Princess is given free run of the house in Sydney, eats with her owners at mealtimes and drinks beer every Sunday, but also provides therapy for Carissa who suffers cerebral palsy. Photo: REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Reuters_Unusal pets 3

Three-year-old Cambodian boy Oeun Sambat hugs his best friend, a four-metre long female python named Chamreun or 'Lucky' in the village of Sit Tbow. Superstitious villagers are flocking to see the boy, who they believe has supernatural powers and was probably the son of a dragon in a former life.Photo: REUTERS/Chor Sokunthea

Reuters_Unusal pets 4

Christophe Lutz walks Marcel, a 30 month-old pig-wild boar crossbreed in the small village of Kolbsheim near Strasbourg. Marcel, an offspring of a sow and a wild boar, was raised by Christophe and his wife Chloe when he was 3 months-old, and neglected by its mother.Photo: REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

Reuters_Unusal pets 5

Julian, a pet Red Howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus), uses the toilet in La Pintada, Antioquia province, Colombia.Photo: REUTERS/Albeiro Lopera

Reuters_Unusal pets 6

Peruvian surfer Domingo Pianezzi rides a wave with his alpaca Pisco at San Bartolo beach in Lima. Pianezzi has spent a decade training dogs to ride the nose of his board when he catches waves, and now he is the first to do so with an alpaca. Photo: REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

Reuters_Unusal pets 7

Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, a lion that was rescued from a circus ten years ago, in Cali. Torres is a teacher whom for the last 16 years has been adopting and helping injured animals. Photo: REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

Reuters_Unusal pets 8

Oui the frog sits on a miniature motorcycle in the eastern beach town of Pattaya. Tongsai Bamrungthai, the frog's owner, says Oui loves playing with human toys and posing for photographs. Photo: REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

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