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The agony and ecstasy: how Ireland’s drug problem got out of hand

 Ireland's Big Issue 27 August 2019

Many of Ireland’s youths, high on the euphoria of dancing throughout the night in illegal warehouses, aircraft hangars and fields in the 90’s would later discover that their pill of choice, ecstasy, was in fact a ‘gateway drug’ to more dangerous substances. “Within three weeks I had sold my motorbike for £800; spent it all on heroin.” (1508 Words) - By Jennifer May


Ireland's Big Issue_The agony and ecstasy

A former drug addict demonstrates how to use a needle for the proper injection of drugs during a workshop at a community drug rehabilitation centre. With the rave scene, drug use changed radically across Dublin and some of those experimenting with ecstasy later became hooked on heroin.  Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Wong

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