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Swiss ‘Green home’ owners consume just 2000 Watts

 Surprise - Switzerland 16 January 2019

With energy production rising and consumption at a global high, Swiss ‘2000 Watt houses’ are a brave attempt to show what can be done to limit our domestic demands for endless energy. They are not only equipped with energy saving technology - their owners also ensure that tenants are contractually obliged to be environmental friendly. Whilst some regard this as self-evident, others see it as environmental despotism. (1700 Words) - By Stefan Michel


Surprise_Gruener wohnen 1

View from a balcony.Photo: Andrea Ganz

Surprise_Gruener wohnen 2

Fresh air flows through the discrete wooden grid.Photo: Andrea Ganz

Surprise_Gruener wohnen 3

Raphale Frei in his two-story home (Portrait picture - Download to see full image).Photo: Andrea Ganz

Surprise_Gruener wohnen 4

The house from outside (Portrait picture - Download to see full image).Photo: Andrea Ganz

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