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Looking back at Lookout: 40 years of emergency housing

 Megaphone - Canada 23 January 2019

In 1971, Vancouver housing advocates began renting out a room in the Patricia Hotel at Hastings and Dunlevy between midnight and 8 a.m. every night. The room contained two beds, one rollaway cot and about 20 people lying wall-to-wall, using the small room as a crash pad. Volunteers offered blankets and support. Today, they work with the same dedication: “It’s not a job, it’s a passion.” (1673 Words) - By Yvonne Robertson


Megaphone_Looking back at Lookout pioneering emergency aid society celebrates 40 years of service

Harmel Gill, volunteer with Lookout Society, works away in the emergency aid provider’s kitchen. Photo: Parisa Azadi

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