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Nashville’s vacant homes won’t help homeless

 The Contributor - USA 11 June 2019

Due to recent rises in foreclosures and unemployment, the number of vacant properties in Nashville far outweighs the number of people without housing. For some people, the solution to the housing crisis is simple: move people without homes into vacant properties, yet the process is not as simple as it sounds. (2118 Words) - By Jesse Call


The Contributor_Nashville’s vacant homes

Sharing a history similar to that of thousands of still-vacant properties in Davidson County, the four-unit property at 710-716 Douglas Avenue in East Nashville was foreclosed in February 2010, was damaged in the May 2010 flood and remained vacant for several months thereafter. Urban Housing Solutions finally purchased the property in October 2010, renovations were completed in May 2011 and all units (2BR) were fully rented by September 2011.  Photo courtesy of MDHA

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