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INSPiring the World (May 2012)

 INSP 07 May 2019

On every first Monday of the month we present editors with a selection of short stories from the news service website. The package can be used to fill the international pages in your street paper. Simply click ‘download article’ and ‘download gallery images’ to reprint the material. Other language versions are available below the text. (1498 Words) - By Staff Writer


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The Contributor_Potty Problems

1. Nashville’s lack of public restrooms and Tennessee’s public indecency and indecent exposure law pose a problem for the city’s homeless community. Photo: Linda Bailey

Hus Forbi_Copenhagen’s prohibition zones abolished

2. The abolishment of prohibition zones once used by police in areas of Copenhagen finally allows the city’s homeless population, drug addicts and prostitutes a basic right: to walk the streets of Denmark’s capital freely, without incurring fines.Photo: REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski

BIIN_Illuminating homelessness1

3. An art exhibition titled ‘Visible Words from Invisible People’ which illuminates the lives of young homeless people in the English city of Wakefield, also shines a light on homeless issues across the country.Photo: John Arnison

Asphalt_Athens neue Obdachlose 1

4. Greece remains crippled by financial crisis. With poverty and homelessness on the rise, the nation’s first street paper Shedia launches in Athens this month, tasked with the overwhelming challenge of helping the city’s 20,000 homeless. Photo: Reuters/Yannis Behrakis

IPS English: Transvestites school

5. With 35 students, the first secondary school specifically for transvestites and other members of sexual minorities who face discrimination in mainstream schools opened in March in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.Credit:Courtesy Bachillerato Popular "Mocha Celis"

One Step Away_Former boxer joins fight against homelessness

6. Former boxing champion Nate Miller grew up in foster homes, and now devotes his time and energy to working with kids and giving them the same guidance and support he received. Photo: Eddie Byrd

Reuters_Dutch bug cookbook launched to stir taste for insects

7. Need more protein in your diet? Try adding worms to your chocolate muffin recipe mix, or spice up a mushroom risotto with grasshoppers. The recently launched Dutch ‘Insect Cookbook’ contains these and other unusual recipes and is intended to promote insects as a source of protein.Photo: REUTERS/Michael Kooren

INSP Digital project launch

8. A street paper vendor showcases the 'access card' of the soon-to-launch digital street paper in the UK.Photo: INSP

9. 'Colleague cover' of the month May 2012: German street paper Bodo.

9. 'Colleague cover' of the month May 2012: German street paper Bodo.Image courtesy of Bodo

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