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Nuns on the bus

 StreetWise - USA 03 September 2019

Dismayed by the renewed calls for austerity coming from Capitol Hill, 14 Roman Catholic sisters decided to hit the road, taking their message of social and economic justice straight to the American people. (1689 Words) - By Sam Rothbloom


Streetwise_Nuns on the bus

Sister Simone Campbell gets off the bus in Columbus, Ohio, a day that included a visit to House Speaker John Boehner’s office. The tour was organized by NETWORK, a social justice advocacy group which is run by Catholic Sisters. The tour was intended to highlight the work Sisters do, meet the people they serve and witness the harm budget cuts would incur.Photo: Sam Rothbloom

Streetwise_Nuns on the bus1

Also in Columbus, Ohio, Sister Campbell addresses both friends and media.Photo: Sam Rothbloom

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