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The great unspoken –The boys from Bahnhof Zoo

 Strassenfeger - Germany 03 September 2019

In Germany – where only a fraction of cases are reported - sexual abuse remains a social taboo. Many victims find it difficult to talk about their experiences and fear coming forward, particularly male victims. (1195 Words) - By Anne Juliane Wirth and Eike Brettschneider


Strassenferger_Sexueller Missbrauch2

The documentary filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim has shot a powerful film about male prostitutes in Berlin: “The Boys from Bahnhof Zoo”, which highlights sexual abuse within the prostitution industry.Credit: Rosa von Praunheim

Strassenferger_Sexueller Missbrauch

Ralf Rötten, project manager of the "Berlin Boys".Credit: Eike Bretschneider

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