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2013 International Street Paper Awards - The winners

 INSP 05 August 2019

The winners of the 2013 ‘International Street Paper Awards’ were announced at a ceremony in Munich on the final night of INSP's 2013 annual conference. The awards highlight the outstanding, independent editorial achievements of street papers; and their contribution to social justice. (1001 Words) - By Staff writer


Awards title

International Street Paper Awards 2013. 

Ten awards were presented in total, across nine different categories. Winners were presented with hand-made made awards created by Glasgow Wood Recycling - a social enterprise that offers volunteering and training as a way of tackling poverty and social exclusion. The winners were:

This year, for the first time, two new awards categories recognised street papers for their effectiveness as social enterprises and their work in supporting homeless people. The judging of the 'Social Enterprise' and 'Social Development' categories was supported by PwC - a leading supporter of social enterprise in the UK. The winning street papers were:

  • Social Development Award - Innovation in vendor support: The Big Issue Australia

  • Social Enterprise Award - Business success for social good: =Norge

The final award of the evening went to The Big Issue South Africa for Outstanding Contribution to the International Street Paper Movement. The Big Issue South Africa leads the way for sustainable street paper development on the continent, supports colleagues in other African countries and also supports the development of INSP as an organisation.

INSP Executive Director Lisa Maclean said of the awards: "The International Street Paper Awards are a real celebration of the diversity of our member street papers around the world. Street paper editors, journalists, designers and photographers work hard every day to report on important issues and create first-class magazines and newspapers for their vendors to sell. It's great to have the opportunity to celebrate and reward these efforts and remind the world what street papers are there to do."


The Finalists

This year's call for entries received a record number of entries - 191 in total, from 51 different street papers in 25 countries. The range of finalists are a demonstration of the diversity of the global street paper network:

Best Feature Story - Writing for social impact

Best Cover - Making a statement on the street

  • 'Next Stop Referendum-Scotland's Road to Independence' by Andreas Böhm & Dr. Frieder Schwitzgebel, Die Jerusalëmmer (Germany)

  • 'The Standl's by Niko Schmid-Burgk, BISS (Germany)

  • 'Water. Will there be enough for everyone?' by Branko Bobic, LICEULICE (Serbia)

  • 'The Bitterest Pill' by Kevin Gopal (editor) & Mark Wheeler (designer), The Big Issue in the North (UK)

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Best Interview - A spotlight on change-makers

Best Photograph - Evoking deeper perspectives on poverty and injustice

  • 'The war on hot sand' by Dimitri Koutsomytis, =Norge (Norway)

  • 'Brosteinsball' by Mari Vold, Sorgenfri (Norway)

  • 'Happiness is all around us' by Томислав Георгиев, Lice v lice (Macedonia)

  • 'Yemen's Unseen' by Ziryab Al-Ghabri, The Big Issue South Africa

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Best Vendor Essay - A fresh perspective from the street

Best Design - Effecting change through visual content

  • 'Hot!' by Berhnhard Kerbl & Tina Knoll (Erdgeschoss GmbH), Megaphon (Austria)

  • '2012 Collector's Edition' by Dirk Meerkotter, The Big Issue South Africa

  • '2012 Christmas Edition' by Berit Burmester, Megafon (Norway)

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Social Development Award - Innovation in vendor support

  • Hempels

  • L'Itinéraire

  • Hecho en Bs. As.

  • CAIS

* Special mentions in this category go to BISS and Nota Bene.

Social Enterprise Award - Business success for social good

Special Award for External Press - Advocating for the needs and rights of homeless people

  • 'Crazy but free!' by Alderon Costa, O Trecheiro (Brazil)

  • 'Ivorian children find temporary homes in Liberia refugee camp' by Liz Ford, Guardian Global Development (UK)

  • 'Musicals for the homeless: Showtime in the Las Vegas ghetto' by Marc Pitzke, Spiegel Online (Germany)