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Mental illness plus police often equals tragedy

 IPS 02 December 2019

Paranoid schizophrenic Kayla Xavier Moore stopped breathing and died shortly after being detained by police in California, USA. While her family believe she should have been taken to a hospital immediately when she became agitated in her home, the police handcuffed her as she had an outstanding warrant. A recent report suggested that at least half of all people shot and killed by the police annually in America suffer from mental illness. Mental health professionals have urged further special training for officers so they can deal with vulnerable people appropriately. (1301 Words) - By Judith Scherr


IPS_Mental illness plus police often equals tragedy

Kayla Moore, in photo with her infant niece, suffered a mental health crisis and died in police custody. She is remembered in a community birthday celebration by her sister, Maria Moore. Photo: Doug Oakley/IPS

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