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Argentinians Monsanto: “The monster is right on top of us”

 IPS 09 December 2019

Protestors in the poor working class suburb of Córdoba in Argentina have halted plans for GM crop giant Monsanto to build a seed plant in their community. The protestors are mainly farmers who’ve already complained about Monsanto spraying crops with a notorious pesticide, Roundup, which contains chemicals thought to be harmful to humans. Indeed, many children have reportedly fallen sick and affected areas have seen a rise in cancer and birth defects. (1345 Words) - By Fabiana Frayssinet


IPS_Argentinians Monsanto: “The monster is right on top of us”

A boy taking part in the march from the Malvinas Argentinas central square to the construction site where Monsanto is trying to build a seed plant.  Photo: Fabiana Frayssinet/IPS

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