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Manifesting a second-order revolution in Brazil

 Open Democracy 16 December 2019

Protest alone can't secure a long-term vision for society, so the straight lines of demonstrations have to be re-shaped into new patterns of participatory democracy and dialogue. In Brazil, millions marched in June 2013 after the government raised bus fares by seven percent. After the increase was revoked the protests turned into a more general statement of public dissatisfaction. Augusto Cuginotti of Open Democracy examines the way that public participation and discussion is helping to shape a new democracy in Brazil now that the banners and batons have been put away. (1361 Words) - By Augusto Cuginotti


OD_Manifesting a second-order revolution in Brazil

“From the Brazil of today to the Brazil that we want.” Graphic from the “Dialogue of 1,000 tables” in Brasilia, June 23rd 2013.  Photo: Luiza Padoa and Juliherme Piffer: All rights reserved.

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