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Vendor Spotlight: Murry Mills (StreetWise)

 StreetWise - USA 16 December 2019

StreetWise vendor Murry Mills came to know life on the streets at the early age of 13 when he became involved with drugs. But after years of experiencing homelessness, time in jail, and the struggle to support his family, he knew he had to clean up his act. He came to StreetWise nearly 20 years ago and the organization has not only allowed him to survive, but to survive with dignity. He currently sells his magazines at Broadway and Barry in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (440 Words) - By Brittany Langmeyer


Vendor Spotlight: Murry Mills (StreetWise)

StreetWise Vendor Murry Mills. Photo: Courtesy of StreetWise

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