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Reborn after awaiting execution

 The Contributor - USA 10 June 2019

Ndume Olatushani and Anne-Marie Moyes live on a quiet street in East Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Anne-Marie has lived there for years but Ndume is still relatively new to the neighborhood. He moved in on June 1st, 2012, the same day he was released from prison after serving nearly 28 years behind bars. Ndume’s time in jail included 20 years on death row awaiting execution, but all the time he was an innocent man. Unfortunately, Ndume’s story is far from unique in the US criminal justice system but he is rebuilding his life with the support of Anne-Marie, whom he met while in prison and who is now his wife. (6598 Words) - By Andrew Krinks

TheContributor_Reborn after awaiting execution1

Ndume Olatushani and Anne-Marie Moyes sit on a porch swing in front of their East Nashville home. Ndume served 28 years in prison (20 on death row) for a crime he didn’t commit before he was released, with the help of his lawyer—and now his wife—Anne-Marie Moyes, on June 1, 2019.Photo: Tasha French Lemley

TheContributor_Reborn after awaiting execution2

Ndume and Anne-Marie pose with their dog Jasper at the dining room table. Photo: Tasha French Lemley

TheContributor_Reborn after awaiting execution3

Ndume poses in front of one of the pieces he painted in prison. Photo: Tasha French Lemley

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