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The two faces of Bahrain

 Spare Change News - USA 24 June 2019

Joshua Eaton – of Spare Change News in America – visited the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East to try and understand recent events in a wealthy but divided nation. In February 2011, an uprising – spurred by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia – began in support of democratization. The government of Bahrain has since been accused of violently suppressing political dissent via the systematic torture of its opponents. Today, some sections of society view Bahrain as a gleaming Dubai in the making whereas others consider that vision as distorted and are calling for change. (891 Words) - By Joshua Eaton, Laura Guerry


Spare Change News_The two faces of Bahrain

An expensive, boutique restaurant shares the same building as a crumbling apartment complex in the upscale Adliya district of Manama, Bahrain. Photo: Joshua Eaton

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