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Chicago street paper StreetWise leads the way to cashless payments

 StreetWise - USA 04 March 2013

Cash is disappearing from the high street fast. With even cabs and coffee corners now kitted out with pin stations or even contactless pay pads, the rattling of coins in bags and wallets will soon be an extinct sound. Handy, maybe. But what about street paper vendors, relying on the fact that the change is, quite literally, in customers’ pockets? StreetWise in Chicago teamed up with PayPal to reinvent the street paper sales transaction. (1253 Words) - By Brittany Langmeyer


3. StreetWise magazine in Chicago now offers its customers the ability to purchase their publication using PayPal on their Smartphone.Photo courtesy of StreetWise

StreetWise_Buy StreetWise with your Smartphone 2

Instructions on how to pay for StreetWise using PayPal on your Smartphone.Photo courtesy of StreetWise

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