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Exile on my street

 The Contributor - USA 04 March 2013

All was good with the world, until that one day when everything changed. It was the day Joe Nolan received a text message from his landlord, informing him that he should expect a call from a house inspector. He replied something like “Cool. Why?” The answer followed suit: “I may be selling the house.” It was then that Nolan realised how one simple message could mean the end of a home, and the start of a life on the streets. (1961 Words) - By Joe Nolan

The Contributor_The Homeless Plan 2

Homeless advocates and community members gather in Church Street Park on January 18 to memorialize Jimmy Fulmer, who died on the steps of an East Nashville church in early January. Demonstrators, including the new director and members of the Metro Homelessness Commission, carried a symbolic casket, chanted, sang and marched to the Commission meeting to call attention to the need for more affordable housing.  Photo: Alvine

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