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Son of Southie: John ‘Red’ Shea

 Spare Change News - USA 04 March 2013

“Integrity is everything in life,” says John ‘Red’ Shea. To this day, he refuses to testify against his former boss and mentor James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, an FBI informant, whom he now calls “the biggest rat of all”. In his book ‘Rat Bastards: The Life and Times of South Boston's Most Honorable Irish Mobster’, he does some straight talking about his criminal past, his time in prison, his boxing career and growing up in Whitey Bulger’s Shadow. (1850 Words) - By Adam Sennott

Spare Change News_Book cover

John "Red" Shea's book "Rat Bastards".Photo: Courtesy of Spare Change News

Spare Change News_Book cover2

The cover of Shea's second book "a kid from southie".Photo: Courtesy of WestSide Books.

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